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Blood Lust is a prototype i developed within my spare time in November 2016 for a concept i had the idea for shortly beforehand. I wanted to attempt a form of roguelike based on fast but weighty combat in the vein of dead space and balance it on a core mechanic of blood pools that based on their size will add to a timer. I had to quit further development on this idea due to my viewing of the balancing required to make the rest of this game a reality unrealistic for my skill set at the time of development.

The finished implementation of Blood Lust was intended to include a character select, many weapons with different damage tiers, ammo counts, and sizes of blood pools created. You are an energy fueled soldier from the future hooked up to an "efficiency rig." where an overhanging military AI will decide to shut you off if you aren't viewed as efficient enough to be worth the investment in energy, and your efficiency is calculated by the amount of gore your character creates.

To this day I am still particularly proud of how each of the mechanics work in this game, and i hope one day to revisit this idea and finish the implementation of it eventually. In particular I may revisit this in the close future to brush up the game aesthetically and implement my own particle effects.

This project is uploaded here for educational purposes if anyone wishes to attempt to gain an understanding of the mechanics present and thusly i have only uploaded the file that is usable in the game maker 1.4 editor and can potentially be imported to game maker 2 however I do not believe this is worth a players time in its current state and thusly i have not exported this game as an exe of any kind.

The description present is intended for background information on this projects development and I do not consent to the ideas present here being reused by another party without directly consulting me personally beforehand

How the game works:
Holding in right click locks your character into place where you then rotate on a pivot and can fire, this was to make the combat particularly deliberate with the players actions, unlike many other top down shooters where moving and shooting is always achievable this particular weapon cannot be fired while moving.
Your weapon has a cooldown on when it can fire, this cooldown can be seen on the top of the gun while in aim mode and will cool whether you are in aim mode or not. This was to attempt to implement a similar level of immersion to what dead space had with necessary HUD elements instead being shown visibly within the game.
The blood pools will combine if they fall and touch each other and they then grow in size and time-worth in proportion to the size of the blood pool they touch. I was attempting here to balance the time gain adequately while still making the blood pools grow in a manner that looks visually like the blood pools do not lose or gain any more mass than they should when they would combine in a realistic situation.


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